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Famous Faces Portrait Pack - Vol. 1

KilivitzKilivitz Posts: 783Member
Who wants some new portraits?

Now, I know some of you are not keen on using celebrity faces for your characters, but if you don't mind, here's some stuff you might like to add to your Portraits folder. I made these using a few tricks from Photoshop CS6.

I made my best to "baldurize" the pics as much as possible and IMHO, they go well with the official ones. Here's a preview:


From left to right: Liv Tyler as Arwen (2 versions), David Bowie, Rose McGowan, Chris Hemworth as Thor (2 versions), and Cristina Scabbia from Lacuna Coil (2 versions).

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  • VittordeVittoVittordeVitto Posts: 225Member
  • MikkaGMikkaG Posts: 6Member
    Love the David Bowie one! Daaaaavid... Too bad I almost never play a male character!
  • TiaxRulesAllTiaxRulesAll Posts: 198Member
    Im going to add them to the growing collection here if you dont mind. Like the work. Thanks.
  • DarsidianDarsidian Posts: 10Member
    Thanks man. Very nice of you to make give them the correct name and size - I'm sure I would have found a way to mess it up ;)

    Do you know if you can change the NPC portraits as well as your own? Wouldn't let me do it from the customize character option in game...
  • KilivitzKilivitz Posts: 783Member
    @TiaxRulesAll awesome. Thanks!

    @Darsidian to replace NPC characters, you need to create a folder called Override on the same folder where you Portraits folder is. Then you need to rename the images according to the NPC you want to alter.

    For example, for changing Imoen, the files would be named IMOENS.bmp, IMOENM.bmp and IMOENL.bmp.

    Let me know if you need any help.
  • rufus_hobartrufus_hobart Posts: 488Member
    many thanks, the bowie one is all kinds of brilliant...i'd be soundtracking the whole game as i played with that portrait!
  • DarsidianDarsidian Posts: 10Member
    @Kilivitz Changing my own portrait works fine, although it seems it only stays if you chose it from the character creation, but it can still be changed in game so it's not a real problem.

    Changing Imoen doesn't work for me. The folder "Override" is placed the same place as the "Portraits" folder and the files are names IMOENS, IMOENM and IMOENL. I used your "Arwin1" pics and renamed them,so they are of course the right size and bitmap pics, but Imoen is still good old Imoen. Any idea where I could have messed up?

    I tried actually calling the pics IMOENS.bmp, IMOENM.bmp and IMOENL.bmp. as well, no dice though.

    Thanks again :)
  • KilivitzKilivitz Posts: 783Member
    @rufus_hobart thanks a lot. I've been using that one for ages!

    @Darsidian sorry, I might have given the wrong tip. You can place the renamed portraits on the Portraits folder (forget about Override) and they should work. Just tested renaming Arwen1 as IMOEN and it worked.
  • SenashSenash Posts: 404Member
    Damn, the one with Bowie IS good! Now I'm trying to make up a character that will fit him! What do you guys think? Bard? Sorcerer? Fighter/thief?

    About overriding the NPC pictures: yeah just put them in Portraits. I gave a new look to Imoen and Neera just last night.
  • OndskOndsk Posts: 6Member
    Nice work, but why would someone want to play as a celebrity? Celebrity worship syndrome?
  • DeucetipherDeucetipher Posts: 485Member
    edited December 2012
    I don't really like celebrities as portraits in a vacuum. I do however like high-quality portraits, which aren't the easiest thing in the world to find. I'll definitely use McGowan at some point and maybe Bowie, as they don't make me immediately think of a particular character

    Gotta be bard, right? :) You get magic too, which fits him.

    Thanks, these are all really good work.
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