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Limitation to number of controlled summons?

IgnatiusIgnatius Posts: 586Member
In vanilla BG1 there used to be no limit to the number of summoned creatures a caster could control. You could thus have a priest walking behind an army of 20+ skeletons. In BG2 a cap to the number of controlled creatures was introduced (was it 4?), and IIRC it was a party-limitation.

What will be the rule in BG:EE? In the manual under "Animate Dead" (Wizard lvl.5 or Priest lvl.3), it says caster can animate 1 skellie/zombie per level. No talk of any upper limit...
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  • KyzarinKyzarin Posts: 19Member
    IIRC, there's a limit of 7 summoned creatures in BG2. In addition, celestial summons (deva and planetar HLAs) are capped to one active at a time, and thief traps are capped to 7 at once. I think this is for balance reasons, but the caps can be removed with the BG2 tweak pack. This is highly abusable in certain encounters. I'm not sure about BGEE, but there's talk of bring the BG(2) tweak pack to BGEE.
  • TanthalasTanthalas Posts: 6,738Member, BG:EE Beta
    BGEE is going to use BG2's summon cap.
  • NukeninNukenin Posts: 327Member
    Nothing like surrounding certain encountered NPCs with entire wolf packs. Some of them are bound to roll 20's!

    Alas, the wand of monster summoning will probably not see much of such use in BG:EE.
  • wissenschaftwissenschaft Posts: 229Member
    the wand of monster summoning is still great for regular encounters. Free meat shields for everyone!
  • bbearbbear Posts: 1,180Member
    edited November 2012
    Kyzarin said:

    IIRC, there's a limit of 7 summoned creatures in BG2.

    The actual number is 5 summons in BG2. Traps are 7 per map in ToB patch. Clones however have no limits in summons, HLA summons and traps. Is this fix in BGEE?
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  • IgnatiusIgnatius Posts: 586Member
    Ok so 5 summons max for the party it is then. Thanks for clarifying.
  • Oxford_GuyOxford_Guy Posts: 3,729Member, BG:EE Beta
    Does anyone use summoned creatures to walk into some of the harder traps?
  • cyberarmycyberarmy Posts: 128Member
    Drizzt is happy after this change :)
  • IgnatiusIgnatius Posts: 586Member

    Does anyone use summoned creatures to walk into some of the harder traps?

    I wish! summons don't spring traps AFAIK.

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