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"If it bleeds... I can kill it" - The things Shar-Teel CAN'T kill!

WardWard Posts: 1,233Member
edited September 2012 in Archive (General Discussion)
-- CHARNAME (assuming he's a male and is stronger than Shar-Teel).
-- Khalid
-- Lesser Shadows
-- Greater Shadows
-- Air Elemental
-- Fire Elemental
-- Water Elemental
-- Earth Elemental
-- Battle Horror
-- Fission Slime
-- Grey Ooze
-- Green Slime
-- Helmed Horror
-- Mustard Jelly
-- Ochre Jelly
-- Skeletons
-- Golems
-- Ghosts
-- Zombies (mch202: "Zombies are by definition an animated corpse, and corpses have three stages of decay before they become skeletons"). Result: Shar-Teel is able to defeat zombies, unless they've already sufficiently rotted and have no blood with which to bleed.

...And more!
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"If it bleeds... I can kill it" - The things Shar-Teel CAN'T kill!

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