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Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition patch 1.4 released! Korean and Russian localizations now available. Read all about it HERE.
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Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition is coming to Mac & PC on November 15th

PhillipDaiglePhillipDaigle Posts: 552Administrator, Moderator, Developer
edited August 2013 in Archived News
Hi Friends,

Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition will be officially announced today at PAX and will be coming to Mac and PC on November 15th! The iPad and Android versions will follow soon afterwards. Because you're our loyal forum members, you get an early peek!

It has been a long road getting here, but we're very excited to show off what we've been working on.

Check out the official website for more information, the first batch of screenshots, some cool art, and a video:




1440p, No Logo

1080p, No Logo

720p, No Logo

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  • MoradinMoradin Posts: 209Member
    edited August 2013
    Great news. Immediately tried to pre-purchase it, but the page doesn't seem to work, neither in Opera, nor in Explorer. Any help?

    Edit: I tried a different way and it works. The purchase can be done through the Beamdog site:

    Thanks guys, I think everyone that grew up with these games like I did is immensely grateful for your wonderful work!

    @Dee, I was unable to go through with the purchase, the page just froze. But I solved going directly to the Beamdog site. Thanks.
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  • PhillipDaiglePhillipDaigle Posts: 552Administrator, Moderator, Developer
    We're literally bringing everything online right now, so things might be a bit quirky for a few minutes.
  • DeeDee Posts: 7,795Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer, BG:EE Beta, IWD:EE Beta
    Does the store page not load, or are you unable to purchase it?
  • HeindrichHeindrich Posts: 2,906Member, Moderator
    I got BG EE from Steam. If I pre-order BG 2 EE from Beamdog, there won't be any compatibility issues right? I'm 99% sure it'll be fine, but I just wanna confirm encase there might be unforseen consequences.

    Also am I right to understand Beamdog users get patches quicker?
  • DeeDee Posts: 7,795Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer, BG:EE Beta, IWD:EE Beta
    They should be fully compatible with the Steam version, yes. The games are largely the same as long as the Steam version is up-to-date.

    As for patches, there's always going to be a period of latency simply because of the number of parties involved, but eventually Steam will get every patch we release.
  • decadodecado Posts: 1,510Member
    Bought. Hooray for me!
  • ShandyrShandyr Posts: 3,134Member, BG:EE Beta
    "Your order has been processed successfully" :D

    Can't wait for the game and I'm a beta tester!
  • Starflower2525Starflower2525 Posts: 39Member
  • KharasKharas Posts: 150Member
  • shadowstriker85shadowstriker85 Posts: 14Member
    Thats nice. Where is the android version of BG:EE?
  • EdgeOfPainEdgeOfPain Posts: 3Member
    First, Rome II. Now, this.

    My life is complete :O
  • AtlanticAtlantic Posts: 44Member
    Hehe thought this announcement might have been coming up soon :D
  • DeeDee Posts: 7,795Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer, BG:EE Beta, IWD:EE Beta

    Thats nice. Where is the android version of BG:EE?

    We have two sides of development. On one side is content development; that's where things like NPC and quest content, basic bug fixes, and new products like BG2EE get created. That work is on-going, and certainly won't stop any time soon. It's the work that ensures you do get a patch when a patch is needed (although sometimes you have to wait a while).

    On the other side is engine development; that's where things like performance enhancements, renderer fixes, and platform compatibility happen. This is the side that works on stability for Windows, Mac, iPad, and Android.

    So in other words, the Android version is being worked on by a separate team from BG2EE. I hope that clears things up a bit.
  • drawnacroldrawnacrol Posts: 184Member
    Holy Batman the amount of new locations!!!

    BG1EE was amazing but 2 is my favourite game of all time so I can't wait for this!!!!!!!!
  • RaphaeRaphae Posts: 13Member
    I'm glad you've made it! And by the way, I've got a suggestion: let sub-races, like drow, sun elves, duergars etc., be playable. That would be a nice improvement, in terms of role-play.
  • trinittrinit Posts: 560Member
    very very glad to hear this news! november can't come fast enough now. just a comment- UI look nice and definitely improved. and is it my imagination or do some areas look much better? O.o
  • BorsookBorsook Posts: 146Member
    Will BG2EE be available on steam? That's a rather important question to me :)
  • MERLANCEMERLANCE Posts: 352Member
    Huh, I certainly never expected it this soon. Still makes me full of joy and happiness, and its right in time for my yearly BG2 playthrough (which is usually Decemberish)
  • kamuizinkamuizin Posts: 3,409Member
    edited August 2013
    Well, any plans in charge the game in the currency of the customer country? The dollar is too high in my country atm TT. Well, it can drop until november, but who knows? By the way, an alternative way of payment would be nice also, in Brazil we're more adept on bank slip.

    Santander Bank, that belongs to the Santander group, the largest bank in the eurozone is viable maybe? Well Citybank is also viable and with a good amount of agencies in Brazil (at least in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo) :)!

    Ps: No pre-order discount to people that pre-ordere BG:EE (and thus have pre-order badges)?
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  • Spam101Spam101 Posts: 12Member
    All I can say is after all the false promises and balls ups with the first release I don't think you deserve any of my money.
  • DexterDexter Posts: 226Member
    This is gonna be huge. BG1 is great, but BG2 is the greatest game ever!
  • RedWizardsRedWizards Posts: 29Member
    Will it be on steam on 11/15?
  • DeeDee Posts: 7,795Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer, BG:EE Beta, IWD:EE Beta

    Will it be on steam on 11/15?

    Likely not. That's not to say it will never be released on Steam, but at launch (Nov. 15) it will most likely only be available from Beamdog.
  • RedWizardsRedWizards Posts: 29Member
  • yazgangyazgang Posts: 40Member
    pre-ordered already. is there a badge?
  • shawneshawne Posts: 2,323Member
    No pre-order for me, but Hexxat seems like an interesting addition to the roster and the visuals are impressive.
  • DeeDee Posts: 7,795Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer, BG:EE Beta, IWD:EE Beta
    yazgang said:

    pre-ordered already. is there a badge?

    We're working on creating one.
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