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What mod NPCs would you like to see compatible with BG2EE?



  • RahlikRahlik Posts: 86Member, IWD:EE Beta
    @Kaeloree I would love to see Kivan and the other "missing" BG Npc's brought back into the game as playable char's. Kivan was always in my team in BG - I never understood why he wasn't in the lore party :)
  • jscohenjscohen Posts: 103Member, BG:EE Beta
    edited September 2013
    There would probably be rights/netiquette issues since the author has left the modding scene, but I was always kind of sorry that Finch is not compatible with BGEE. She's one of my favorite NPC mods of all time.
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  • SorgbladSorgblad Posts: 1Member
    Definitely Tashia, for she is one of the best romance mod I ever played... and since I can see that Neera is kind of ... well the same personality (mocking, mocking, mocking...) those two at the same party would be amazing...

    and also a less known mod called Neh'taniel, although he is dead for the while... (and not just in game, unfortunately)... he has an interesting concept (undead Amaunatori paladin, own kit, lawful neutral with an another talking sword...) he would get along with Rasaad ...:)
  • RyofuRyofu Posts: 227Member
    edited September 2013
    Item Upgrade
    BG2 Tweaks
    Nalia Romance
    NPC banter
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  • theacefestheacefes Posts: 63Member, BG:EE Beta
    Aw, really guys? No Banana!? Tsk tsk.
  • LiamEslerLiamEsler Posts: 1,846Member, Moderator, Developer, BG:EE Beta
    @theacefes Banana will, of course, be the first NPC ported.*

    Let's forget that I've already got a bunch of NPC mods playing in BG2EE already.
  • CoM_SolaufeinCoM_Solaufein Posts: 2,336Member, BG:EE Beta, IWD:EE Beta
    Its too small.
    theacefes said:

    Aw, really guys? No Banana!? Tsk tsk.

  • CoM_SolaufeinCoM_Solaufein Posts: 2,336Member, BG:EE Beta, IWD:EE Beta
    After some thought, the next version of The Undying mod, Version 3.0 will be a BG2 exclusive only. It currently comes with two NPCs, Version 3 will bump it up to five.

    I'm pretty much done with the old version of the games.
  • OzzyBotkinsOzzyBotkins Posts: 336Member
    Kelsey ,Keto , Nalia Romance, Saerileth. Valen, Xulaye vare my wishlist
  • Angelo. ''I liiiive to serve you''.
  • Syntia13Syntia13 Posts: 514Member
    Nathaniel, definitely, I love that guy. Nalia romance, Valen and Solaufain, too, I did enjoy them. Of the ones I haven't played yet but would like to try in the future, maybe Faren and Arath
  • EmmiEmmi Posts: 77Member
    Keto (pleeeease a ToB part ^^), Sarah, Tashia and Solaufein are my favorite NPC mods. And Imoen Romance, but I guess that topic is too controversial and won't be done.
  • callimachuscallimachus Posts: 77Member
    edited November 2013

    Well, Tashia and Keto have been converted already, Sarah is "in progress", haven't seen anything about Solaufein yet. You can find the list here:
    Post edited by callimachus on
  • EmmiEmmi Posts: 77Member
    thanks! looks like there still won't be a Keto for ToB :( I haaate playing with my beloved party and not having some of them for ToB... Can't wait for Sarah too, since my good or, lets say, not totally evil PCs can't help but kill the vampire that kills a party member, no matter how she might try to influence her.
  • vierraevierrae Posts: 92Member
    BG1 NPC Project is still not integrated, and there are some expected difficulties with that. Can't wait till it is finally compatible, BGEE is rather plain and boring without this mod. Well, in my opinion, anyway.
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