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Multiplayer Guide v0.1

tzzimytzzimy Posts: 5Member
Just finished the first chapter (modem firewall setup) of a Multiplayer Guide Setup for BG:EE and I was wondering what you guys think.
Forgive me for spelling/grammar errors.
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  • bigdogchrisbigdogchris Posts: 1,334Member
    edited January 2013
    Good start there.

    I would make sure to mention that your ip address may change and that you recommend setting a static IP to ensure the forwarding and firewall exception always work. That may require adjusting the DHCP scope to prevent the IP from being assigned to another device.

    I usually knock off the first 10 from the range then assign 5-10 as static. You don't want to use or 1.2 as they are usually assigned to your router.
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  • tzzimytzzimy Posts: 5Member
    Roger! =D
  • trythisathometrythisathome Posts: 5Member
    I used my fav lucky number 14~!
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