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Cheat Mode

DavidkovacicDavidkovacic Posts: 1Member
edited November 2013 in Fixed
I successfully placed cheat code, 'Program options' 'Debug Mode' '1', when first installed BGEE, however after having to clean my computer out and reinstalling, I can't seem to get it right now. Could somebody give simple step by step instructions for this please? (Windows 7).
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  • luisluixluisluix Posts: 2Member
    it should be: 'Program options' ,'Debug Mode', '1',
  • ZanianZanian Posts: 327Member
    Also, if you installed the game in the Program Files folder (default), then the baldur.ini file you need to change is in the virtual store, not the install folder. Run %LOCALAPPDATA%\VirtualStore to get there. Otherwise the game won't recognize it.
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