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Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition patch 1.4 released! Korean and Russian localizations now available. Read all about it HERE.
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Game Update: 1.0.2011

CameronToferCameronTofer Posts: 253Administrator, Developer
New update is now available with the following:

Crash Fixes:
* Fixed crash when changing areas
* Fixed crash when clicking outside of the map

* New movie for resting in dungeon and inn
* Adjusted introduction video due to customer feedback and Coriander's threats of violence (You may have thought that complaining about the Nietzsche quote was pointless...)
* Various UI screens touched up

Bug Fixes:
* Thieves and bards XP cap has been modified
* Monks and clerics XP cap has been modified (Black Pits)
* Quest/Journal log fixes
* Damage Modifier display has been retooled
* Taerom no longer drops Ankheg Shells
* Fixed issues with Dorn's dialogue and alignment
* Fixed issues with Neera's dialogue
* Neera's encounter with Edwin has been touched up
* Minsc joining issues have been resolved
* Switching to default soundset works
* Quasit Familiar can now cast blur
* Trolls in Cloud Peaks now give XP
* Kryll's skeletons now give XP
* Wild Surge text has been corrected
* Auto-save date and time error resolved
* Delainy/Durlyle flower quest has been fixed
* Some items now show the proper ground icons
* Silke responds correctly to player's actions
* Red Sheaf Inn displays the proper rumors
* Gnoll duel works correctly
* Summoning Flame Blades no longer causes a penalty
* Killing Dorn before his encounter has been fixed
* The Great Gazib will no longer spawn more than one orge
* Algernon and Nimbul's dialogue issues fixed
* Reevor's quest can always be completed
* Jospeh's Ring quest is now completable
* Certain area lightmaps have been updated
* No reputation loss when fighting certain characters
* Detect Evil's description has been corrected
* Creatures decreased in South Beregost Road's cave
* Tutorial items no longer sellable when exported to main game
* Shandalar's Cloak no longer equip-able by monks
* Certain quest items can no longer be pick-pocketed
* Interaction with Shaella has been improved
* Phlydia speaks the proper lines after her quest
* Marl will approach player even after resting
* Coran takes player's NPC Reaction into account and join level modified
* Cursed Ring of Slight Monsterism now changes character's appearance to zombie
* Nadarin's quest now pays the corrects amount of gold
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  • GodKaiserHellGodKaiserHell Posts: 369Member, BG:EE Beta
  • egalor_originalegalor_original Posts: 92Member
    Happy Friday!
  • HaHaCharadeHaHaCharade Posts: 1,248Member, BG:EE Beta, IWD:EE Beta
    edited December 2012
    Ha - Glad to have the Nietzsche quote back!!! :D
    Post edited by HaHaCharade on
  • FlauschigFlauschig Posts: 84Member
    "* Tutorial items no longer sellable when exported to main game"
    How much money could one make?
  • marfigmarfig Posts: 208Member
    You gathered your party before venturing forth! Thank you!
  • QuineloeQuineloe Posts: 55Member
    Should we delete the workaround movies we've created prior to patching?
  • TanthalasTanthalas Posts: 6,738Member, BG:EE Beta

    They'll probably be automatically deleted.
  • SilkSilk Posts: 2Member
    Really great work on that one. Thank you!
  • QuineloeQuineloe Posts: 55Member
    Tanthalas said:


    They'll probably be automatically deleted.

    I'd rather have a definite answer than accidently corrupting both my clients. Takes forever to download this game at 200 byte/sec

  • EvinfuiltEvinfuilt Posts: 504Member
    @CameronTofer @Tanthalas
    Are these changes all in the iPad build recently submitted? I assume they are not in the Mac version submitted last week (so we'd have to wait till January for these changes on Mac.)
  • EtaminEtamin Posts: 479Member
    edited December 2012
    Thanks a lot for adding Nitsche quotation and missing sentence in starting movie, even if it sounds more like 'thereareothersicanshowyouplease' :) (prolonging this scene somehow would really help it). Do you plan to add more missing movies in next patches (like Gnoll Stronghold or Wyvern)?
    Post edited by Etamin on
  • TanthalasTanthalas Posts: 6,738Member, BG:EE Beta

    Where are those workaround movies placed? The Override folder gets nuked when the game updates if I'm not mistaken.
  • TanthalasTanthalas Posts: 6,738Member, BG:EE Beta

    I don't have that kind of info.
  • QuineloeQuineloe Posts: 55Member
    Tanthalas said:


    Where are those workaround movies placed? The Override folder gets nuked when the game updates if I'm not mistaken.

    No, they're in the movies folder, where all the legit movies also are.
  • RagnarokRagnarok Posts: 26Member
    Simply rename the movies you added for the workarounds with an "_" before them, for backup purpose. The new movies should be added into the folder when you update the game. Should anything fail, you can always revert to the old files.
  • reedmilfamreedmilfam Posts: 2,224Member
    edited December 2012
    I skip the movie after the quote, anyway. I do wish we'd get the coolie TSR red dragon back, but I think that's outside of the bounds.

    Anyway, I ruined my game and have to re-start because I need +3 weapons or better to get out of my predicament. Grr. Should've remembered that...
    Post edited by reedmilfam on
  • Syao_ranSyao_ran Posts: 13Member
    I'm really thankful, really but i'm going to make an observation anyway. Single player was playable since the beginning, even with all the bugs. Multiplayer wasn't, and still isn't. I'm not going to tell the devs what or what shouldn't be done first but...shouldn't game-breaking features get more priority than singleplayer bugs? (I really wanna play BG with my friends but it's unplayable, even with the small 3+ players can see eachother fix).
  • TanthalasTanthalas Posts: 6,738Member, BG:EE Beta

    You need +3 weapons for what?
  • AlkaluropsAlkalurops Posts: 267Member
    I just updated to this patch and... are you sure the spawning system is working as intended?
    just asking...
    (by the way: check out what Safana and Dorn are saying in that screenshot. uhm...)
  • NathanNathan Posts: 990Member
    @Etamin I had to work with what was there, unfortunately - no easy way (at this time) to extend the scene, but I agree.. a little longer pacing would be preferable. =) I think it works in the sense that Sarevok's already reaching for the guy, and he's trying his final bargaining chip before getting choked, y'know?

  • Space_hamsterSpace_hamster Posts: 950Member

    Oh wait...I'm on the iPad.... ::::begins to cry:::::
  • O_BruceO_Bruce Posts: 1,552Member
    Thanks for nice update.
  • WigglesWiggles Posts: 569Member
    Good to hear. Thanks everyone!!

    I know there are definitly more pressing matters and you all deserve a break first, but when can we expect servers for multiplayer? Even a time frame would be good.
  • smeagolheartsmeagolheart Posts: 2,270Member, BG:EE Beta
    anyone pipe in on the Various UI screens touched up? At work and can't fire it up at the moment
  • CribbianCribbian Posts: 19Member
    edited December 2012
    Any specifics about the quest/Journal log fixes?

    The Journal page is still messed up for me (entries in disorder, no scrolling)
    Post edited by Cribbian on
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